Hello there! I’m Samantha! I started this blog as an expressive outlet during the beginning of my junior year at the University of the Pacific in August 2015. This blog was created with the intention of sharing my college experience, running anecdotes and desire to travel with those that can relate. I was also inspired by my aunt, who has created the two blogs Peaks2Pipe and Family Junkets, to start Braidologie.

I share a bit of everything, from running advice to weekend travel recaps and everything in between! I am a recent graduate of UOP and am working hard to make my dreams of traveling the world and pursuing physical therapy school become a reality!

For more of my adventurous antics, feel free to follow my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. I am a first generation Filipino-American.
  2. My family is so big (in quantity) that I haven’t even met all of my cousins (yet).
  3. I am an early riser; I definitely prefer running in the morning versus running in the late afternoon.
  4. I ran my first half marathon before I turned 18.
  5. The craziest thing I’ve ever done was cliff jumping 50 ft in the Philippine island of Siquijor. This resulted in feeling totally fierce but getting a large purple bruise on the side of my left thigh from my landing. The bruise stayed for a week.

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