Right Now, Currently, This Month: September 2017

What’s good friends! Your girl is back at blogging again and more motivated than ever! Even though I did find my break from blogging much needed, I am excited to write and share content again. It’s funny how a problem – a broken laptop in my case- can actually be a blessing…

Not only did get a break from my posting schedule, I also realized that I needed the time off to regroup and rethink about what direction I want to take my blog. Should I venture into more lifestyle posts? Should I try harder to collaborate with different brands? My answer to this was it depends. It all depends on what my purpose is in continuing to blog. My purpose has always been to share my story with an audience that will listen. Whether the subject matter be travel, school, or even fitness, I found blogging to be an inclusive platform in which my creativeness was welcomed. To be clear, I still feel this way but in this social media driven society, the need to be validated through likes and follows, tends to skew our purpose. Suddenly, the concept of creating content to gain exposure rather than sparking joy starts to become more appealing. This can result in an endless cycle of comparing yourself to others and that is not healthy. Nothing inherently good will come out of it.

So that’s my rant, I’m just trying to keep it real! I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I stay true to myself and to my blog, then good things will follow. Don’t get me wrong, brand collaborations and gaining more followers is a plus, but it isn’t the reason why I continue to blog. Now without further ado, here’s the monthly update:

Loving: the weather! It’s just getting cool in California and I’m ready to break out my sweaters!
Eating: currently, pizza :p
Drinking: more water
Watching: Insecure & Game of Thrones
Going: to class + work
Reading: It by Stephen King
Texting: my family
Playing:  Started fitness journaling
Celebrating: my Lola’s 92nd birthday
Listening: Johnny Balik
Buying: A new laptop! Other than that, saving for PT school + travel LOL
Pinning: closet organization
Planning: a hiking trip
Visiting: my old fashion choices…. yikes! Aftermath of cleaning out my closet haha.

Well, there you have it! About the fitness journaling, I find it truly effective in keeping me accountable about exercising everyday. I’d highly recommend it! There’s a ton of resources about how to format one, where to start, etc on Pinterest. The two pins I used are here and here. Until next post!

Peace, love & blessings,


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