The New Classics: A First Look Into Warby Parker’s Brand New Collection

Many of today’s fashion trends are revivals of past trends. While I can look back at throwback photographs of my school friends and I with denim skirts, choker necklaces, and classic Adidas sneakers, I will also see current teenagers rocking the exact same look in the mall. My point is that some fashion trends are timeless and will endure the critics that face it. Regardless of what your stance is on past trends, I think we can all agree that it’s what you do with the trend to adapt it to your lifestyle and truly make it your own.

So what’s my point, you may ask… Well, I’ve partnered with Warby Parker and want to introduce you to their newest collection of sunglasses . Known as the New Classics, the new collection is a mixture of acetate and stainless steel and it was released on June 13. The materials acetate and stainless steel were the most commonly sold eyewear in the 1950s and Warby Parker revamped the silhouette into three new shapes for the modern era. In Warby Parker’s words, “A statement upper half of acetate adds structure; filigree details and exposed metal bridge contribute distinction. Wear them to look as smart as you are.

I think it’s safe to say that they totally made this classic style into their own and adapted the shapes to fit 2017’s current fashion climate. Each of the frames has its own unique style and name! I’ve included a picture of each pair of sunglasses, my first impression of each, and was even inspired to create my own outfit based on the frame style…

The Addie


First impression of the Addie: “These are awesome! The tortoiseshell look of these sunglasses are both cool and classic. The hints of purple peeking through the brow line are a nice surprise! The Addie is perfect for a spring/summer daytime outfit!”

How I’d style it:

Shirt: H&M | Jeans: from TJ Maxx | Shoes: Purple hightop Converse

The boldness of the Addie would go perfectly with a casual outfit like a t-shirt and jeans. With pops of purple from the converse and the frames, this outfit is complete and easy to do!

The Eliot 


First impression of the Eliot: “Now these give of a more serious vibe but are still playful with the hints of brown peeking through the frame. This pair would be perfect to wear on a date night or a night out with friends.”

How I’d style it: 

[Outfit details–> Blouse: Byer California | Pants: Loft | Shoes: TJ Maxx]

The coolness of the Eliot pairs well with a bold blouse and light colored pants. Throw on some wedges or heels for a night out on the town or pair it with some sneakers for a day time look! With the Eliot, many looks are possible!

The Hayes


First impression of the Hayes: “Now this gives off a ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ vibe. Uber cool, super classic, and totally badass. This is the pair of sunglasses are for the times you feel confident or for those moments when you’re feeling down and want to feel confident again. Even the namesake emulates the look of these frames!”

How I’d style it:

[Outfit details–> Romper: Byer California | Blazer: Ross |Shoes: Target]

Since the Hayes is all black, it literally goes with anything! For this outfit, I choose to wear my red floral romper, paired it with a beige blazer, and completed the look with some strappy sandals. To take this to the next level and really boost my confidence, I’d put on some statement earrings and red lipstick!

Sooo, that is how I would style the three new sunglasses from Warby Parker’s New Classics collection! Each of the new frames are perfect for the summer and are versatile accessories to an endless summer look book. I’d like to thank Warby Parker for allowing me to introduce their new collection on my blog and I encourage you all to check out their collection! Until next time!

Peace, love, & blessings,


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