Summertime Stroll in San Francisco

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. Some of my favorite childhood memories are filled with visits to this beautiful, diverse, cool city. One place in San Francisco that is often frequented by me and my family on the weekends is Crissy Field.


For those that aren’t familiar, Crissy Field is part of the Golden Gate National Park Recreation area. Formerly a U.S Army airfield, Crissy Field resides on a salt marsh and lies in the Presidio of San Francisco. Because of the panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, access to the beach, and recent landscape renovations by the National Parks Service, Crissy Field is a popular attraction visited by tourists and locals alike. Depending on the day and weather, Crissy Field is the perfect place to have a picnic with your friends and family, do your long run, walk your dog, people watch, or simply talk a walk!


This past weekend, my family and I made a weekend trip and spent Saturday at Crissy Field with our family friends. We brought food along and had lunch at one of the benches set up at the park. While the parentals caught up with each other, us kids (or some would say young adults) played Cards Against Humanity. Since this is the second time we’ve done this, I think it is say to say that it has become a tradition!


After eating lunch, we all packed up and started walking along the pathway towards the Golden Gate Bridge. During our walk to the bridge, we came across a rocky area along the beach and found that people had stacked rocks in various shapes, sizes, and heights. The boys took this as a challenge and started a stack of their own. Although it took multiple attempts, they succeeded and even put a flower on top!


At first we were just going to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and take in the view, but we continued walking and ended up walking across the other side of the bridge and back. Going one direction is about 1.7 miles, so a walk or run both ways is 3.4 miles! If I were to estimate how many mile we walked that day, I’d say around 7.5 miles because going to the Bridge from Crissy Field is about 2 miles (one way).


Going back to the namesake of this post, the ‘cheap’ part about this day trip was that we only had to pay for gas for the drive to San Francisco and the food we brought along. There isn’t a park entrance fee or even a parking fee at Crissy Field. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is completely free as well, make sure to walk on the pedestrian side and DON’T throw anything over the bridge (since there is a heavy fine for that and also why tf would you do that in the first place?).

Overall, I had a Saturday well spent exploring and spending time with family. Oh, on my walk back across the Bridge, I saw two whales. That was the first time I’ve seen whales during my visit to San Francisco. This is also the first time I’veย walkedย across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve run across the Bridge multiple times; not in a Sophia situation like in Girlboss, but for running camp in high school.

Peace, love & blessings,


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