Minimalista’s Packing Guide to Memphis (Business Casual)

Hello! I’m back home now and am in the last few weeks of undergrad!! Anyway, I just wanted to share my packing list for my Memphis trip. I was able to write part of my blog post on the plane. Since welcoming the Project 333 challenge into my life, packing for this trip was definitely faster than normal, as I had a limited wardrobe to choose from. Luckily, I had chosen pieces that could be worn in a business casual setting! I was really excited to finally use one of the many packing list pins I found on Pinterest. My approach to packing for this trip is heavily based on the picture below:


It is important to note that I fit all of these items in a carry on luggage (I was not about to pay for those crazy expensive check in bag fees!) Here’s what I brought with me for 5 days in Memphis:

In my carry on:

  1. Dark wash skinny jeans (1)
  2. Black & white striped skirt (1)
  3. Red slacks (1)
  4. Black dress (1)
  5. One piece swimsuit
  6. Chambray button up (1)
  7. Black blazer
  8. Black tank top
  9. Navy blue, sleeveless printed blouse
  10. Tan knit blouse
  11. Black long-sleeve blouse
  12. 1 pair of pajamas
  13. Running leggings (1)
  14. Running shorts (1)
  15. Running shirts (2)
  16. Black wedges (1 pair)
  17. Black flats (1 pair)
  18. Curling wand
  19. Toiletries bag
  20. Makeup bag
  21. Kipling hand wallet
  22. Kipling purse

 In my backpack (personal items bag):

  1. Laptop
  2. Camera (my small point and shoot, red Nikon Coolpix & not my blogging bridge camera)
  3. Bag for chargers
  4. Headphones
  5. Book (The Lore of Long Distance Running)
  6. Folder with envelope for receipts, exercise metabolism notebook, and scratch paper
  7. Wallet
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. EOS lip balm

 Departure Outfit (Sacramento to Memphis)

  1. Black puff jacket (foldable from Costco, I believe the brand is 32º)
  2. Pashmina scarf
  3. Light blue running shirt
  4. Black running leggings (3/4 pant)
  5. Running shoes (Purple New Balance)

Homecoming Outfit (Memphis to Sacramento)

  1. Black puff jacket
  2. Purple multicolored running capris
  3. White running shirt
  4. Running shoes

I wore everything I packed except for the black dress, 1 running shirt and short, and my swimsuit. One item that was my favorite was the black puff jacket I brought. This jacket is so light in weight, but can also keep me warm in chilly weather. The best part is that I can fold it small enough to fit in my backpack- it even comes with a pouch!

If I could go back and change my packing list, I would have brought more comfortable black flats since the pair I ended up bringing had no arch support whatsoever and were already breaking down (the insole of the right flat was starting to come off). By the third day, the insole had detached completely. With the items I brought along, I honestly think that I could have create new outfits for an extra week. With that said, I am currently in the market for black flats that have good arch support, durable, stylish, and can be worn for long periods of time.

That’s basically it! I am currently working on my trip recap and it should be up soon 🙂 Other than that, I had a really positive experience in Memphis and am thankful for all the hard work that my team and I put in this school year!

Peace, love, & blessings,



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