Right Now, Currently, This Month: April

Hola! I can’t believe I’m already writing a blog post in April! Can you believe that a quarter of 2017 has already passed?! (because I can’t!). In other news, spring break has passed and the semester continues on. The research team and I have finished our KT Tape study: the results are in and drumroll please…. KT Tape doesn’t enhance sport performance! I wasn’t really surprised because I was already skeptical of KT Tape and my thoughts were proved once we ran statistical analyses on or results. There is still research to be done though, as we only tested on young, recreationally active, healthy individuals. We are presenting our findings at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research this Thursday in Memphis, TN! In addition to the conference, I am excited to explore the city and try their food πŸ™‚ Anyways, here’s my monthly journal for April!

Loving: my family

Eating: Afghan food (recently at Kabul in San Carlos and LOVED it, definitely recommend visiting!)

Drinking: water & tea

Watching: Ingobernable (new Spanish Netflix original)

Going: to class and work, of course!

Reading: “The Lore of Running”-Tim Noakes

Texting: my research team

Playing: Hamilton and Moana soundtracks

Celebrating: Easter

Listening: to 90s R&B

Buying: a badass jumpsuit to wear to formal (& SAVING)

Pinning: packing lists

Planning: my summer adventures!

Visiting: Memphis, TN

So that is what’s happening this month! I’m also thinking of possibly registering for my 3rd half marathon in May. I’ve been running pretty consistently lately and would love to see if I could PR… off to school and work I go!

Peace, love, and blessings,



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Travel Enthusiast. Avid Runner. Baking Fanatic

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