An Ode to Women ~ International Women’s Day 2017

“A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot.”- Isabel Allende

Happy International Women’s Day my lovelies! I want to take this moment to recognize the strong women in my life because without their strength, influence, and compassion I would not be the woman that I am today. Despite the silence and oppression that society casts on us, it is our resilience and willingness to endure through the hate and carve a path to our success. For me personally, it is the advice, influence and example that women in my life that have motivated me to seek out my own success and happiness every single day. So ladies, this is for you!

To my teachers and coaches, thank you. Thank you for being a positive role model in my eyes. Thank you for not treating me different because of my gender. Thank you for guiding me through times of confusion and difficulty. Thank you for noticing my passions while also challenging me to dig deeper in my critical thinking. While I have been fortunate enough to receive a public education, it is was your encouraging motivation, seamless direction, and selfless kindness that made me love going to your class everyday. Thank you for gently coaxing me out of my naturally shy demeanor by allowing (albeit sometimes forcing) me to voice my opinions in class. I will forever be grateful for all that you have taught me and strive to have as much of an impact to other people as you did on me.

To my female family friends, school friends, work friends, and online friends. thank you for being a positive light of friendship in my life. Thank you for your constant support throughout the years, cheering me on in class and even on the race course. Thank you for praising my success and understanding the struggle. Thank you for the strong friendships I’ve been blessed with. Whenever I see your successes in life, I jump with joy for you. Thank you for trusting me enough to be vulnerable and vent out your problems. Thank you for accepting me as I am.

To my titas, lolas, and cousins, thank you for always being there. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by strong teachers and friends, but the fact that I’m so close with the women in my family is a blessing. Since we all live across the globe, thank you for fostering my desire to explore the world by giving me more reasons to travel more. Thank you for your constant love and laughs, together and apart. Thank you for engaging in though provoking conversations, because although we might not agree on everything, we have a better understanding of each other’s convictions. My life would be so sad and boring without you.

To my mom, my strong, sweet, hilarious mom. Thank you for bringing me into this crazy, beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking world. Thank you for the countless hours of sleep you lost when caring for me. Thank you for bringing the wanderlust gene to me when you made sure I had a passport when I was just a baby. Thank you for your never ending encouragement and making me believe that I really can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you for picking me up from every school play rehearsal and practice. Thank you for being the loudest person to cheer me on during school plays, soccer games, and cross country races. Although we’ve had our share of differences, I am grateful for them because they make me question the reasons behind my action or inaction. Everyday I strive to exude as much kindness, understanding, and laughter as you do. I love you so much mom, I am nothing without you!

To all the strong women in the world, thank you for being you! It is your action to stand up for what is right and desire to be successful that makes the world go round. The world is better because of our presence, don’t ever let anyone tell you different!

Rise up for the better and SLAY EVERYDAY,




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