Right Now, Currently, This Month: March

Hi all! So my spring semester is picking up and my schedule is getting busier and busier. In the midst of school, studying, and work, I don’t have as much time to blog as I would like. I will still update my Project 333 monthly check in (I’ve been really good about documenting my outfits) and have some topics planned for my #BrownGalChronicles.

In effort to have some fun in my posting, I would like to kick off a monthly journal. I have a section in my planner that starts at the beginning of each month it’s column is called “Right now, currently, this month”. This column includes fun categories to complete such as Loving:…, Watching:…, and Celebrating:… I been doing it every month and believe it is a great way to refresh and motivate the mind for that month. So below are some of the things I am excited for, planning, and working towards in this month of March:

Loving: The weather and coconut coffee

Eating: Pizza (Pieology just opened a new location in Stockton and it is DELICIOUS)

Drinking: Tea and water always!

Watching: Trevor Noah and John Oliver on YouTube

Going: to school and work LOL

Reading: “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama

Texting: my research group (we’ve been crazy busy with data collection!)

Playing: …nothing!

Celebrating: LIFE 😀

Listening: Chance the Rapper

Buying:  SAVING $$!

Pinning: anything travel related!

Planning: research trip to Memphis (in April)!

Visiting: Relatives in the Bay Area!

This is a little taste of what I am excited for this month! February just flew by so fast that I it boggles my mind that March is already here! So although my blogging presence might be a little slow this month, I update my social media regularly so be sure to check them out and say hi! Oh, this also reminds me to announce that I am taking part in an Instagram Takeover for my hometown’s Instagram, @stocktonca. They handpick community members in Stockton to takeover their account for a weekend to share their Stockton story. I have been chosen to takeover on the weekend of March 24-26. I am so excited and cannot wait to share all the fun cool places in my hometown!




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