Project 333, Month 1 Update


Week4, Saturday: I was home ALL day, so I didn’t bother to change out of my PJs!

One month of #Project333 has passed and I survived! This minimalist fashion challenge was way easier than I anticipated. I may have undercompensated my materialistic attachment to my original closet or maybe I just have sheer determination to participate whole heartedly in this challenge.. or maybe a bit of both! 🙂 Here are 3 things I learned about myself during Month 1:

  1. 33 items is adequate – Simplifying my closet down to just thirty three items (including shoes and jewelry) was definitely daunting at first but once I finalized my wardrobe, creating outfits was so simple and easy. The key to making this smooth transition from a full closet to a closet that barely uses even half the closet space, is to choose versatile clothing items. By versatile I mean items that can be easily layer-able and can match any color. The foundation of my Project 333 wardrobe is built on dark, earthy colors: black, gray, dark green. I then threw in some patterns (striped shirts) and color (green and red clothing items and multi color scarves) because they matched my dark items.
  2. Black leggings will become your best friend (if they aren’t already) – They’re comfy, slimming, can be worn with anything. Need I say more?!
  3. You care more about your appearance than other people – You know that saying “Dress to impress”? While some use it to justify dressing nice for other people, I use it as motivation to dress for myself. I find that when I use this approach in choosing my outfit, my confidence soars which translates to how other people perceive me. During this challenge, I wore the same pair of pants on two consecutive days at least twice and no one noticed. People don’t pay attention to what you wear, but they do pay attention to how you present yourself and how you made them feel. So go ahead and wear that blouse or pant twice in a row, if it makes you feel good, do it!! To be honest, having different classes MWF and TTh helps because you see different people everyday and no one notices what you are wearing.

This concludes my first month recap of Project 333! I am having a lot of fun doing this challenge and have noticed that there are more items I wear more than others. My black leggings and anorak jacket have been the real MVPs this month in keeping me warm and comfortable. Then there is some stuff I haven’t worn yet (skirt, dress, pantsuit, sleeveless blouses), due to the winter season and rainy weather. Once spring comes along, I cannot wait to see what outfits I come up with! I highly encourage you all to give Project 333 a try because it takes you out of your comfort zone and may even make you rethink your relationship to material things. If you do, please share your adventures and post on social media using the hashtag #Braidologie4Project333 so I can see! 🙂




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2 thoughts on “Project 333, Month 1 Update

  1. I’m right there with you on black leggings being the best ever! When I lived down South I wore them everyday, and winter pants = yoga pants lol. Now I’m up in North Dakota, so my poor black leggings have barely left my apartment lol. Anyway, this is a really cool challenge that you’re doing – I love this idea, and am definitely thinking of trying it out. I have too many clothes :(( Thx for documenting!

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    1. Right?! Black leggings are such a godsend! I was inspired to take on this challenge after watching the Netflix documentary, Minimalism. Cleaning out my closet was on my to do list for a long time, so #Project333 really helped me take the initiative! So happy to hear that you are thinking about doing this challenge, let me know if you do- I’d love to hear about your experiences too! 🙂

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