Second Thoughts During College

Now that I have just registered for classes of the last semester of my undergraduate career, I have had some time to reflect on my past choices. There have been some decisions that have made me pause and really ponder if I had made the right decision and those times have been stressful and a little scary, considering that the choices I make now may greatly impact my future.

One major decision I made that caused me to have second thoughts was the dilemma of changing my major from Athletic Training to Health, Exercise, Sports Science or applying to my university’s AT program. I was admitted as an Athletic Training major as an incoming freshman and I knew little about the profession. Once I took a class that introduced the career and began to observe various sports and athletic trainers, I got a glimpse of what the profession entailed and even gained a new found respect for it. What made me change my major came down to the AT program application question of “Why do you want to be in our program?”. For some odd reason, no matter how much time I spent thinking about how to answer this question, I did not have a good response to it. This opened my eyes and made me realize that Athletic Training isn’t the right career for me to pursue. Physical therapy has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a junior in high school. Even though I learned a lot through my athletic training observations, I felt that changing my major to HESP would provide me more control and flexibility in choosing the classes required to prepare me for physical therapy school. Ultimately, I am happy I came to the decision of changing majors because it has opened more doors for me academically and professionally.

I believe that second thoughts exist to force you to step back from an issue and really think about the decision from a different perspective. It also enforces you to look deep within your self and ask “Why am I doing this?” In the end, if you aren’t happy with what you are doing and/or you can’t justify it, there really is no point in continuing to do it. The hesitation is there to force you to evaluate your decisions and actions and make a game plan to change it for the better.


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