13.1 Before 21

Half Marathon Training Plan
Plan adapted from http://www.sweatstretcheat.com

I have some exciting news! I registered for my second half marathon for the first week of November! The more I thought about whether or not I should actually do it, I couldn’t think of enough reasons not to run another one. The goal of running my second half marathon before I turn 21 feels like the perfect way to celebrate my birthday and my senior year in college. So yes, it is safe to say that I am officially training for a half marathon and I have 9 weeks to do it!

Upon browsing the interwebs for a half marathon training plan that suits my schedule and ability, I stumbled across a training plan by Sweat, Stretch, Eat and believe that I can follow through with it. I have made some modifications to the original training plan, so here is a breakdown:

  • HIIT– For those that don’t know, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. There are many HIIT workouts than can be found on the internet that cater to all ability levels and equipment/non equipment preferences. The HIIT program I follow is Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide. For a more detailed description of my personal experience with BBG, you can read more here. I did not really have any HIIT in my training for my first half marathon (3 years ago), so hopefully incorporating it this time around will help strengthen my body to run a faster time.
  • Wednesdays=Speed work/Tempo days– Pretty self explanatory but on Wednesdays, I will be focusing on speed instead of mileage. In this instance, the quality of my 400s is more important than quantity. By this, quality is about staying consistent in my 400m time. On the days I am doing 400s around the park, my warm-up and cool-down will be my jog to the park (about 1 mile).
  • Sundays=Rest Days– Again, self explanatory but if I am feeling antsy about not running, I’ll do some light yoga to relax my body and calm my mind. There are many free yoga tutorials/sequences on the internet (especially on YouTube and Pinterest. Although I don’t follow a certain program, I do love attending the yoga class at my university’s student fitness center.

This pretty much sums up my half marathon training plan. My goal is to complete the race in under 2 hours and PR in that event. By the time this has been published, I will have (hopefully) completed Monday-Thursday of Week 1. We’ll see how it goes! Oh, and one thing: I will try my best to update my training progress on here, as well as the blog Instagram. All my progress posts (blog and IG) will have the hashtag: “#13point1Before21”. So if you are curious, be on the lookout for those updates! For those also training for an upcoming half marathon, comment any advice you have for me or even stories you wanna share! Runners gotta stick together!




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