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Hello! Some exciting news- I turned in my undergraduate application for graduation! I was obviously aware that I would be graduating soon, but it did not really hit me until after I turned in my application. On my way home, it suddenly dawned on me that I have one school year left until I graduate and enter the ‘real’ world. It is exciting, scary, and incredibly profound.

This realization made me think about the past three years and what I’ve done during those years. From my freshman year of college until know, I can proudly say that I have progressed from being a shy, studious student to an involved, ambitious student that is no longer uncomfortable in making small talk with strangers. Being involved in organizations and clubs have definitely helped me come out of my shell, provided different professional and academic resources, and of course, meeting new people and making lasting friendships with them.

My college experience was unique in that I am a commuter student that attends college in her hometown. Many would think that this experience is atypical or not the ‘real’ experience and I would agree to the extent that yes, it wasn’t the norm. Despite this fact, I would also say that my college experience was indeed real; I took a full load of classes every semester, joined a professional fraternity, and went to school events. I struggled and triumphed with my peers during midterms and finals week. I dreaded going to 8 am bio lectures and night labs. I have had really stressful times during registration day. I have also walked in 5 minutes late to the wrong class (only happened one time and the professor was willing to give me an override to the class haha). In the end, the effort that you put into making your college experience is ultimately what you will get out of it. So for those students that commute and/or live their families, props to you for seeking out your college experience and balancing it with your home life. Also huge shout out to any college student that actively makes the most of their college experience.

So, yep, that was what was really on my mind lately. In other news, I am slowly but surely continuing my slow path back on the running grind. I have also caught on to the Canadian show, Orphan Black (late in the game I know, but I am totally hooked!) It would be fair to say the Tatiana Maslany is my new girl crush.She is SO TALENTED- whenever I am watching an episode, I sometimes forget that she is playing all the clones.

Bye sestras and brother sestras!





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