Return from Hiatus

I’m back! Well, I didn’t really go anywhere, I’m just returning to blogging after an extended time. My absence is primarily due to school and just life in general.

My fall semester was incredibly busy with a full load of classes and clinic hours. The most challenging classes last semester were Anatomy and Therapeutic Modalities because of workload and content. Despite this, they were the most interesting classes because the labs were hands on and the content was in line with my major. My fall semester was also busy due to my involvement in planning my professional fraternity’s philanthropy event, Project Kickball. This event is a kickball tournament for the students at UOP and proceeds help the Stockton YMCA. Although planning this event took a lot of time and hard work, I am genuinely with how everything turned out. I am fortunate enough to have given back to and organization that has fostered my interest in sports and also represent my school and fraternity!

I also began my observation hours at a local outpatient physical therapy clinic. I started observing at the start of winter break and have been going twice a week since. My observation experience has been great so far! I get the opportunity to observe great physical therapists and see how they work with a variety of patients.

Over the winter and spring breaks, I really got in touch with my baking interest because I had A LOT of time on my hands. During the time, I discovered two very different, but incredible YouTube channels: Bigger Bolder Baking and How to Cake It. The recipes I recommend trying Β from these channels are the chocolate and vanilla cake. I really love all of them, but these recipes are great to practice and form a good baking foundation. I had baked so much that my mom suggested that I start my own small baking business. I would never claim to be a professional baker, I just think she was being nice and encouraging (she is my mom after all!)

Another interest of mine that I have slowly returned to is running. To be honest, I stayed pretty consistent with my running routine throughout last fall but finals week and winter break just killed it. Nonetheless, a family friend convinced me to run a half marathon this May. I started my half marathon training this week; we’ll see how it goes, especially with the spring semester half way done and fall registration just around the corner.

That is basically what I have been up to so far. I’ll update you all my training status as I progress. My social media outlets are the most updated, so if curiosity strikes you, check them out! Β I would also love some advice about returning to running after a two month long absence! πŸ™‚



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