Junior Year Grind

So I survived the first week of classes and I was exhausted. It’s a little funny because there weren’t any labs that week and I was extremely tired at the end of the week. Here’s my spiel on my schedule:

This semester 8 am lectures start my days (except on Tuesdays; on Tuesdays I can go for a quick run). One difference that I have noticed in my mindset compared to freshman year is that I don’t complain about my early classes. Maybe it’s because I’m more productive in the mornings, maybe it’s because I end classes earlier in the day.

One change that I definitely have to acclimate to is night labs; on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I end lab at around 8 and 9pm. This is a commuter student’s nightmare because that means I can’t eat dinner until I get home. I’ll take this as a sign that I should get used to the Spanish custom of eating dinner late- my dream of moving to Spain is slowly coming true!


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